Surface Finishes

Protect your Natural timber doors and windows with the right finish to maintain its beauty for years to come.

Hardwood or soft, pine or oak – your Natural timber windows and doors need that little bit of extra help to protect them from the elements. Scottish weather can be tough on exteriors, so you need a finish that’s tough enough to cope with the wildest, wettest winters and the hottest summers.

Delivered to you ready to fit

Rather than finishing your Natural timber windows and doors on site, we make sure they’re properly protected by applying the right finish before they leave our factory. We think that it makes more sense to provide a thorough surface protection before the windows are delivered, rather than risk exposing the bare wood to excess moisture or humidity. This means your windows and doors are protected from the moment they’re unloaded, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse during installation. That means you get:

  • A superior aesthetic finish
  • Factory applied spray coating in a controlled environment
  • The correct film thickness for maximum durability
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Superior quality product
  • Avoidance of site costs of labour and scaffolding

It also means that we can be absolutely sure that your bespoke windows and doors leave our factory in perfect condition. While the cost of ordering factory pre-finished products may be slightly higher, it does mean that your finish has been applied in controlled conditions. So you can be 100% sure it will provide maximum protection for your custom-made doors and windows from the moment they’re fitted.

Our finishes

At Natural we’re specialists in providing fully factory-finished products. We offer a range of finishes:

  • Paint Finished - Any RAL or British Standard colour is available at no extra cost
  • Stain Finish – A range of stain options are available
  • Dual Colour - Natural are one of the few companies to offer dual colour windows and doors in the UK. Different paints or stains can be specified for internal or external sides
  • High Gloss Finish - The standard level of gloss with all Natural products is 30-40%. A high gloss finish of 55% is available on request.

Our paint system protects the wood in several ways:

  • It protects the wood from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause greying and damage to the surface of the wood
  • It stops water soaking into the wood
  • Its microporous surface allows excess moisture to escape, keeping your home drier and warmer
  • Flexible properties means the finish can expand and contract naturally with the timber, preventing flaking and cracking

To find out more about our range of finishes for all our bespoke doors, windows and conservatories, contact us now.

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